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Nothing will adversely impact our lives like a bad relationship will.What would it be worth to you if you could learn about the different types of players, and how the mental games they play with women.Imagine what your life will be like once you understand all the head games that men play?You learn how to quickly, and easily decide which men are trustworthy, and which men are not You will learn how to protect your heart, so that NO man ever breaks your heart again!Enter Damona Hoffman, dating coach and host of the Dates & Mates podcast, who promises rapid results if I just follow a few tough-love rules....Married daters are more common than we’d like to think, says dating coach Laurel House, host of the podcast The Man Whisperer.

Last but certainly not least, it discusses the inner game of falling in love, and why we often chose men that are not good matches fo If you're sick and tired of dating men that leave you broken hearted, you must read this book.You don’t have to stand in a bar and wait for the right one to come along,” says Fisher.“And we’ve found that people looking for a sweetheart on the internet are more likely to have full-time employment and higher education, and to be seeking a long-term partner.For the most part, I enjoyed reading this book, but I did have a problem with the author's statement about how younger women in their 20's are basically the cream of the crop.I'm calling bullshit on that fallacious statement, because for some, women in their 30's, 40's, 50's, etc have far more to offer than some undeveloped 20 year olds. Other This book along with & should be required reading for all teenage girls, young women, and seasoned women before they date anyone, period. If you're sick and tired of dating men that leave you broken hearted, you must read this book.

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It's a very raw, and honest book that may shock many, but it will help many woman to avoid the losers, players and psycho's that inevitably will break your heart.

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