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* It’s often used for implementing quality improvement initiatives. Nursing 2013, 41 (4), 24-29 [iv]Austin, Sally JD, ADN, BGS.

* It’s used for utilization review to help determine appropriate level of care for admission and to obtain reimbursement. * It’s the most credible evidence in legal proceedings on whether the care given to the patient met the legal standard of care.[iv] [iii] Austin, Sally JD, ADN, BGS.

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A postdated check is one that bears a date after its date of issuance, and is payable on the stated date.

A traveler's check is one purchased from a bank, express company, or other financial institution in various denominations, and is signed immediately by the purchaser in order to establish the form of his or her signature.

To be clear, having a later effective date does not mean that the contract will not be binding until that later date.

The contract is binding when both parties have accepted the contract.

The bank lends its credit to the purchaser of the check in order to facilitate its immediate use in commercial transactions. A personal check is one that the individual draws on his or her own account. The check cannot be treated as cash because of this first signature, but it is treated as cash upon the purchaser's second signature when he or she uses it. Secondly, the drawer of a bill of exchange is liable only on the condition that it be presented in due time, and, if it be dishonored, that he has had notice; but such is not the case with a check, no delay will excuse the drawer of it, unless he has suffered some loss or injury on that account, and then only pro tanto. The genuineness of the second signature is established by comparing it to the initial signature. Philippine Legal Forms is the site to find the basic formats of standard and frequently used legal forms, contracts and agreements in the Philippines e.g. All Philippine legal forms and contracts on this website are free for site visitors to copy and revise for personal use.Written permission is however required for re-publication in print, online or any other media.

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