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For most parts, the units followed the guidelines, with the exception of early ultrasound examinations.In many units fetal measurements corresponding to a pregnancy length of 11 weeks were not used to estimate a pregnancy length and the results from an early ultrasound examination were only used if the measurements corresponded to a pregnancy length of at least 12 weeks.The management of discrepancies between last-menstrual-period-based and ultrasound-based estimated day of delivery varied widely.These findings emphasize the need for regular updating of national written guidelines and efforts to improve their implementation in all units.The aim was to describe the units’ present and past routines in relation to the national guidelines.Also, there were questions on what the units did if there was a difference between the pregnancy length when calculated from the last menstrual period or estimated by the fetus’s size at an ultrasound examination.

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As long as you aren’t looking for a father for your baby – and are instead looking to add fulfillment and happiness to your own life, you shouldn’t feel ashamed by dating.

Be honest with your date, and realize that pregnant or otherwise, life goes on.

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However, contrary to the guidelines, the crown–rump length was not used for ultrasound-based pregnancy dating in most units.

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