Preprogrammed disposable cell phone dating service

A partial list of compatible cell phones that we have tested can be viewed here. numbers to the SIM, just set them to forward to the U. For example, if you work or live in the UK and want to keep receiving calls made to your regular UK numbers, just add a UK PEN to your SIM card and set up call forwarding to that new number.If you need to unlock the phone, we suggest contacting your carrier or phone manufacturer for unlocking information or services. Calls received through a PEN will be charged an additional 20c/min to the incoming rate of the country you are in.

You can also set your Caller ID to display a Personal Extra Number instead of your primary European number.

If your phone is not a quad-band phone, please make sure that the bands of your phone are those required in the country of your travel. If you are still unsure whether your cell phone is compatible, contact support or purchase an international cell phoneand SIM card bundle from us, which all come preloaded with our international SIM card, balance and All in One International Travel Adapter Plug. The exception is calls received through a UK-Mobile PEN which is only charged an additional 25c per call.

Yes, you can easily forward calls from your regular cell phone number, home phone, office, etc. Your One Sim Card international SIM card comes with both a European and U. Please Note: Your subscription to a Personal Extra Number starts the moment your order is shipped.

Free US and Canada PENs issued before December 8th 2014 will not accept text message. Starting June 3rd 2015, One Sim Card offers new USA and Canada PENs capable of receiving SMS.

These PENs can be ordered separately and carry a charge of 9 cent per received SMS.

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