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No doubt things are more fragile at the outset than one or the other might like, but not everyone knows all the same steps.

Heck, according to Seinfeld (after returning from the DMV) 95% of the population is "undateable".

As made evident in my book,, the pursuer-distancer cycle(p-d) is one of the most common yet challenging relationship patterns cited in the marriage and family therapy literature.

This dynamic consists of one partner pursuing while the other distances; the more the pursuing partner pursues the more the other distances, and .

At this rate, by the year 2050 it'll be up to fifty.

As that's about the age women hit menopause, maybe they'll stop caring and diagnosing so much then.

Clients who work these sites have told me that people disappear even after several e-mails and telephone conversations.It's disciminatory to suggest that the whole group of over 40 singles is bad with intimacy.About forty years ago, the cutoff age psychiatrists had was 30.The problem is that many of these individuals are not and it seems that all Mr.Betchen is doing is warning those who are seeking a relationship.

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If you start out with good intentions but find that the person isn't for you, let them know rather than distance.

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