Quotes about friends dating your ex boyfriend

I met Kellie shortly after moving to Atlanta, a city where a big-time ex of mine also resided.

Mike and I had a six-year on-and-off history, and I recognized Kellie from the Facebook photos during one of our off periods.

“I just remember us being better and better friends,” Rachel says via email.

“I mean, how could you resist an invitation from a smart, cool lady who was so gracious toward her current boo’s recent ex? Summer, a queer woman, wrote in an email exchange, “The queer community is small in most places, so I see my exes’ exes around more than a hetero person would.

Maybe I wasn’t the only one taking digital deep dives.

I felt a sick wave of nerves and vowed to avoid her in the future. Quickly I learned Kellie and I shared an impossible number of social Venn Diagram intersections. We had matching visions for the perfect Saturday: bagels and thrifting, with a soundtrack of Streetz 94.5.

“I do feel a certain connection to them — I think they are great — and clearly he has great taste in women,” she says.

“It’s easier to deal with the idea of an ex dating a villain than your ex dating a nice person,” she says, but befriending an ex’s ex is a reminder that the Other Woman is just as human as you are, and often pretty cool.

What a relief: It wasn’t Kellie, it wasn’t me, it was just Mike.

We were able to offer each other insight that none of our other friends could — because we got it.

We knew his typical emotional trajectory, mild hoarding tendencies, sex stuff (to be fair, we never stayed on the last subject too long).

I added a clarification far down in the comment chain, “Or what about current S. ” A day later, Mike’s current girlfriend left one word: “Yo.” She and I had met a handful of times in passing, but I never made efforts to get to know her — probably because some jealousy remained.

I felt the same barfiness as I did in the bathroom line, but this time, it was different.

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That’s not how it usually goes down, and there’s something really appealing to me about women who don’t get bogged down by jealousy.” Women are socialized to compete for male attention, so I wondered what competitiveness between exes looked like if you took men out of the equation. I think that this is something that other queer people would agree with.

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