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Speed dating is all about cutting to the chase in order to find that special someone sooner rather than later. Yes, the amount of minutes may change slightly depending on who's hosting the event, but that's about the average time you will spend with each potential soul mate.

Single people responding to an advertisement or online dating site will gather at a predetermined cafe or bar where they will each receive a name tag, a pencil and a scorecard.

Then you are free to see where the potential relationship goes from there.

At the same time singles record on them previously handed out leaflets, whether their opponent to see again or not.For this, the event is divided into rounds, each lasting for about seven to eight minutes.In this narrow space of time, the singles have the opportunity to get to know each other a little to interrogate common interests and hobbies, and any desire to have children.It's more straightforward than traditional dating, where it may take weeks or months to figure out that the object of your affection likes being with someone, but doesn't necessarily want to make a full commitment.When you look at it that way, what could an investment of eight minutes hurt?

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Everyone is randomly paired up to begin the first 'date', and the timer is set.

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