Radiocarbon dating fossils

Also, this assumes that no natural process is depositing extra carbon-14 in the animal’s remains.

Assuming no intrusion of carbon-14 from external sources, the existing amount of carbon-14 resident in the animal’s remains will decay, assuming the current known decay rate.

Special care was taken to prevent this kind of contamination. 10 Living animals take in carbon-14 on a regular basis.

After death, the animal no longer takes in any carbon-14 (nor any other kind of carbon).

Carbon-14’s half-life is too short to measure dates over a million years ago.

Other pieces include carbon-14 in diamonds, other soft tissue found in dinosaur fossils, and evidence that conventional dating methods are inaccurate.

Below is a list of some dinosaur fossils and their dated ages from the Miller paper.

Are the dates beyond the range of testing technology?

Compared to the conventional theory of dinosaurs’ being at minimum 65 million years old, the time it would take soft tissue to degrade and the 4 The ages for the dinosaur fossils presented in this paper were far younger than the conventionally accepted ages.

Each of the two thousand meeting participants was given a disc which included the abstract of the carbon-14 dating report.

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