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Despite this looming threat, there is a general lack of understanding of how earthquakes affect the landscape in the Pacific Northwest.

The last major fault rupture occurred on January 20, 1700; the earthquake lowered the coastline and unleashed a tsunami that reached Japan.

While both techniques are useful and can provide rapid dating of landslides for cataloging, there is error associated with each that makes pinpointing a landslide age to a single year and earthquake exceptionally difficult.

Fortunately, some sites in Cascadia have an additional resource that can help us date young landslides. Some landslides in Oregon have dammed rivers, resulting in lakes or marshes upstream.

Klickitat Lake in the Oregon Coast Range has many still-standing Douglas Fir trees that were drowned after a landslide formed the lake.

The age of the lake-forming landslide can be ascertained when dendrochronological techniques are applied to wedges extracted from these trees.

I hope to understand stream capture and drainage reorganization of the forearc as the Oregon Coast Range has uplifted.The end of the ring record here corresponds to tree death in 1751.In order to date a landslide-dammed lake, we collect slabs from the standing trees for analysis.Based on the ring growth, we even know that the landslides occurred in the winter of 1819//52.While neither of these landslides formed in the year 1700 during the last earthquake, our dates are noteworthy due to their unprecedented accuracy.

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article proclaiming that “everything west of I-5 will be toast,” brought considerable attention to the seismic hazards spanning from northern California to southern British Columbia.

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