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Using multiple depth surface elevation tables (SETs) and marker horizons we measured soil accretion, erosion, and soil elevation.

We partitioned the effect of Hurricane Wilma's storm deposit into four constituent soil zones: surface (accretion) zone, shallow zone (0–0.35 m), middle zone (0.35–4 m), and deep zone (4–6 m).

Hurricanes have shaped the structure of mangrove forests in the Everglades via wind damage, storm surges and sediment deposition.

Immediate effects include changes to stem size-frequency distributions and to species relative abundance and density.

We report expansion and contraction of each soil zone.

Hurricane Wilma deposited 37.0 (± 3.0 SE) mm of material; however, the absolute soil elevation change was 42.8 mm due to expansion in the shallow soil zone.

We assessed the impact of Hurricane Wilma (2005) on soil elevation at a mangrove forest location along the Shark River in Everglades National Park, Florida, USA.One year post-hurricane, the soil profile had lost 10.0 mm in soil elevation, with 8.5 mm of the loss due to erosion.The remaining soil elevation loss was due to compaction from shallow subsidence.However, long-term effects of hurricane sediment on elevation dynamics will depend not only on the amount of sediment deposited, but on sediment texture and resistance to compaction as well as on changes in organic matter accumulation in the years following the hurricane.Soil elevation affects tidal inundation period, inundation frequency, and overall hydroperiod, all of which are important ecological factors affecting species recruitment, composition, and survival in wetlands.

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