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Reading a thread here recently I noticed that a lot of people that were atheist said they wouldn't date anyone that identified as religious, no matter what that religion was, but few gave a reason.

The people who were religious seemed more willing to date someone of a different religion so long as their own beliefs were respected.

And if they really believed I was going to hell but were okay with that, that's fucked up, too! This logic to me is pretty watertight as to why I would never date someone extremely devout.

If they love me as much I love them, they would want to save me from hell with every breath they had.

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Those include things like religion, politics, morals etc.

I'm just not interested in dating someone who has deeply held beliefs I find off putting, it's the same reason I don't date people who don't share core political/moral views with me.

Why is it that people who are religious seem more willing to overlook those differences than atheists?

I'm legitimately curious and not trying to offer a criticism.

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