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Photo back to Revox index start date: 2/13/2018 The Revox A77 reel to reel tape recorder Above: Down to the bones.

2/21/2018 Below: previously In disassembly Capstan notes: After taking these photos and looking them over in detail I have determined that this recorder will require more money invested for replacement parts than its final value will be after a restoration. Mainly, it is saved from the scrap heap due to its good external cosmetics.

The B77 is a more modern version, dating from about 1979 until sometime in the 1990s.

Fast wind was having problems on mine, and the pinch roller solenoid was underpowered as well.This one has had a switchable 1/4trk play head added enabling the unit to play 1/2trk or 1/4trk formats and eliminate the need for two decks.A pristine example of the world-class icon of the 1970's.If it's the 15ips version, then yes, it will make a fairly nice mastering deck.I still use my faulty one for tape loops, phasing and slapback on occasion.

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Along with the boom in killer headphones and headphone amps, the past few years have turned up another unexpected revival.

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