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" Insert Command="INSERT INTO [Customers] ([Customer ID], [Company Name], [City], [Country]) VALUES (? Then you'll need to use the Row Updating method again.Let me show you how: To enable editing, simply set the ' Enable Editing' checkbox from the smart tag: Be sure to set the Data Source to support editing by defining the Insert Command, Update Command, and Delete Command.There is a easy way to do this by simply configuring the Data Source: Now after you define the connection and your Select Command then you have the opportunity to allow the Data Source to generate the other command statements for you. " You're now ready to start editing, inserting and deleting records within the ASPx Grid View.If you want to display a grid on clicking the edit link you have to create a template class and assign the template class to the grid's Edit Form Template. Page);where Detail Grid Template is a class derived from ITemplate. It's very easy and similar to the Grid View method.

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