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It was at the annual fund-raiser gala at the Danube Swabian Club in Scarborough where Russia, or better yet the Ukraine, came to visit the Danube Swabians, formerly close neighbours, on this memorable evening.

Subsequently the doll was named Matryoshka and is considered to be a symbol of motherhood and fertility.

"This is simply about all of us doing what we said we would do." Pence called on Europe to join the U. in intensifying efforts to fight terrorism, which he said would need more coordination between the EU and NATO.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas on Monday wearing an all-white Dior and Chopard ensemble.

"Today it is my privilege on behalf of President Trump to express the strong commitment of the United States to continued cooperation and partnership with the European Union," said Pence, who met in Brussels with EU Council President Donald Tusk and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. “I asked the Vice President directly if he shared my opinions on three key matters: the international order, security and the attitude of the new American administration towards the European Union.” Tusk said he told Pence his belief that maintaining order based on international law was in the interests of the West, that "our security is based on NATO and the closest possible transatlantic cooperation,” and that the EU is counting on the United States' “unequivocal support for the idea of a united Europe.” “In reply to these three matters, I heard today from Vice President Pence three times ‘yes’! On Saturday, Pence tried to reassure international partners concerned that Trump may pursue isolationist tendencies, telling the Munich Security Conference that the U. "While the United States will continue to hold Russia accountable, at President Trump’s direction we will also search in new ways for new common ground with Russia, which President Trump believes can be found," Pence said Monday.

He described his talks in Brussels as constructive.

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You may recall Echo Germanicas involvement in trying to help this group to survive.

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