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Rarely will a Swedish wedding have a separate day and night reception, which means if you are invited to a Swedish wedding, you are normally invited to the whole event.For Henrik Andersson, most of his customers come across Fleur de lis catering through personal recommendations or internet searches.In my opinion, they both are far away from the truth.I call these representations "myths", and consider them in pairs.In our 3rd installment of Swedish Weddings we delve into what you might find on a typical Swedish wedding menu: The Swedish palate is certainly interesting.Swedes preference in food is often fresh, clean and simplistic, but it does have its cringe-worthy surprises.“” According to Conrad a popular cake order right now is chocolate brownie with raspberry and chocolate mousse with icing made from sugar paste and butter.

For an inside perspective on the wedding dinner we spoke with Henrik Andersson owner and head chef of the gourmet catering company, Fleur de lis.We had the pleasure of sampling some of his elegant treats and getting an insight on Swedish wedding cakes.As opposed to the common plum or carrot cake deceptively hidden underneath a beautifully decorated North American wedding cake; a Swedish wedding cake will not only look beautiful, but it will taste, well, like a delicious cake!As a rule fish, unless it’s salmon, is not recommended because long-running speeches could cause the fish to be overcooked.Desserts tend to be quite small since guests will usually be served a piece of the wedding cake with coffee and avec.

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