Ryan lochte dating australian

The 28-year-old Olympic swimmer/heart-throb spoke to several media outlets about his new venture dating on national Television.

“I am a single guy right now, but you’ll see me going on dates,”Ryan told the May issue of Cosmopolitan.

Following the 2008 Olympics, he was quoted as saying Lochte confirmed his single status in a June 2012 article by ESPN.

But this doesn’t mean Lochte has been a stranger to the ladies.

The times put Goddard and Walker-Hebborn second and third in the world this year, both faster than Australian champion Hayden Stoeckel (.04). Fran Halsall was made to fight for her win in the 100m Free holding off a strong challenge from Amy Smith.

Halsall took the victory in 54.71 with Smith second in a personal best time of 54.86. Halsall has a busy few minutes with the 100m Fly semis coming up in just a few minutes.

But now that Ryan Lochte has 11 Gold Medals under his speedo he claims he is ready to find a girlfriend and ‘settle down’.“I need someone who is able to hold her own — if a girl is really independent, that’s a turn-on for me.And she doesn’t have to play a sport for me to be interested in her!Ellen Gandy looked in top form as she qualified fastest in the 100m Fly with a time of 58.91.Florida Gator Jemma Lowe qualified second in a time of 59.35 with Rachel Kelly third fastest.

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