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Maddie Holden, a lawyer and writer from New Zealand (and also the creator of the hilarious – and very NSFW – ‘Critique my D*ck Pic’ Tumblr), was so disillusioned with the bios she saw while online dating that she started a side-hustle offering advice on people’s profiles for a pop.

It all started when she was writing a guide to dating app Bumble for a men’s lifestyle site and her editor asked her to take screenshots of some of the best examples of profiles she came across. One of the most grievous mistakes, Holden adds, is what she calls the ‘wish list’ – when people rattle off a shopping list of traits their prospective match should or shouldn’t have. ‘Some women do this too,’ she says, ‘but it does seem to be more of a male trend, where they say, “I don’t like girls who do duck face,” or, “I don’t like girls who use the Snapchat dog filter,” or, “I’m not into women who wear too much make-up.”’ Entitled much?

If you make these same mistakes on your profile you could be drastically hurting your chances of attracting your perfect partner.

Take a look at these dating profiles we’ve examined and fill out the form below to see more profiles, tips, tricks, and examples of profiles we’ve written.

On the positive side, this means that it’s really not difficult to be better than most other people. Think of your profile as a CV for romance: the aim is to make enough of an impression on paper that you get invited to an interview (or, in this case, on a date).

Maybe you’re just not attracting the right type of person.You’re supposed to be selling yourself, not putting in an order at Dates ‘R’ Us.Avoid the following faux pas and you’re well on your way toa profile worthy of a swipe right.On mobile apps, emoji are often used as shorthand for hobbies.If you’re wondering why so many Tinder users seem to be keen gardeners, know that the leaf emoji usually implies an interest in marijuana, not rhododendrons. What you’re looking for You don’t want to present a list of demands, but you do want to indicate what sort of person you’re hoping to meet and what sort of relationship you’re after.

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Whether you’re hoping to start an LTR (‘long-term relationship’) or are just DTF (‘down to f*ck’) is totally fine – so long as the people you talk to are after the same thing.

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