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The leaders in Beijing keep their grip on their vast empire not by being nice or by conceding liberal doses of devolved power, but by making it absolutely clear that all real power resides at the center, and that the center not only manipulates the levers of control but does so in full public view.

But my sympathies today lie with the people of Macau, especially those near the grand opening of Fisherman's Wharf:...singer Francis Yip and American soft-rock group Chicago, both top acts of the 1970s, will officially inaugurate the project by performing their signature songs for free on New Year's Eve in the complex's Roman amphitheater as part of a program to include fireworks and a show by a British acrobatic troupe.Imagine meeting someone without having to get dressed up or go anywhere.Saudi Arabia is one of the largest Internet consumers in the world.The other stark contrast is between Hong Kong and Macau.Macau's Chief, Edmund Ho, is and has remained Beijing's darling.

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