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If they are on your list you definitely need to read this and prepare yourself well.

Oh no wait lets dig deeper, Scorpions are magnetic.

However, this need to overachieve can be quite frustrating, particularly if it turns obsessive.

But unless it does, just be prepared to endure some aggressive sulking if you just so happen to beat them at Monopoly. This sign is particularly drawn to the deepest, darkest, most unknown things.

On the other hand, because they take this issue so seriously, Scorpios will prove to be the most loyal partners you could wish for.

If a Scorpio loves you, you can be absolutely sure they will bring boundless loyalty to the table, and go to the ends of the world to protect and make you happy.

If I had to pen down my personal experience with them it would drive you all crazy because I have come across scorpions who can be as good as a dream and as scary as a nightmare.

So I would prefer you to know them through a neutral view.

This isn't out of spite, or because they don't care.

So you can never be sure whats going in their head. They are not false people so if you get a compliment from them, you truly deserve it and you have earned it baby.

They might appear friendly but have plans to kill you (wink). Anger, resentment, hatred or happiness whatever they may feel they won’t let it come on their face.

They have their own distinctive personality and a captivating aura about them. If you need any advice or help they will let you know the best of possibilities but do not expect them to be sweet, but definitely honest.

They definitely have clear features and strong built but the cool that they represent on the outside hides a swirling lava inside them. They are truly genuine and if you have asked them they will let you know the best that can be achieved.

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While every sign has its strengths and weaknesses, because they tend to be so feisty and intense, it's very easy to end up feeling frustrated and exhaustedi when dealing with Scorpios.

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