Sedating antihistimine constipation

Stimulation of these receptors can lead to conditions such as a skin rash or inflammation, a narrowing of the airways (bronchoconstriction), hay fever, or motion sickness.Histamine-1 receptors are also found in the brain and spinal cord, and stimulation of these receptors makes you more awake and alert.Other brands of promethazine include Sominex and Avomine.Your doctor may also prescribe promethazine as unbranded or generic tablets and it may be given by injection in hospital.Interactions with other drugs are more common with first-generation antihistamines compared with second-generation antihistamines.Second generation antihistamines were developed in the 1980s and are much less sedating than first-generation antihistamines.

Back to top The Phenergan dose needed and how often to take it depends on what you are using the medicine for and the age of the person being treated.

It makes you feel drowsy so can also be taken to help sleep.

In the UK you can buy Phenergan over the counter from pharmacies.

Antihistamines are a class of agents that block histamine release from histamine-1 receptors and are mostly used to treat allergies or cold and flu symptoms, although some first-generation antihistamines may also be used for other conditions.

Histamine-1 receptors are located in the airways, blood vessels and gastrointestinal tract (stomach and esophagus).

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