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"The companies have done essentially nothing."According to the charities, which reportedly managed to collect more than 800 videos and images from the group chats, Facebook said working with police may be their best option to combat the material.

The charities reportedly filed a police complaint and contacted a politician.

Professor Hany Farid, a developer of the Photo DNA system, told the more work needs to be done by tech companies to combat the spread of abuse material.

"You would think we could all just get behind this," he said.

Facebook's software focuses on conversations between members who have a loose relationship on the social network.

For example, if two users aren't friends, only recently became friends, have no mutual friends, interact with each other very little, have a significant age difference, and/or are located far from each other, the tool pays particular attention.

The relationship analysis and phrase material have to add up before a Facebook employee actually looks at communications and makes the final decision of whether to ping the authorities.Facebook uses a popular tool known as Photo DNA to scan its vast social network.The protocol helps tech companies find and remove known child exploitation images.Many users don't like the idea of having their conversations reviewed, even if it's done by software and rarely by Facebook employees.newspaper reported Thursday that one group chat recently active, titled "Kids boy gay," contained more than 250 members—some from the U. Participants inside the group were reportedly requesting "cp videos," referring to child abuse material.

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