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Seeing as though these convictions literally ruin peoples lives and many accept plea bargains because their is literally no resources available other than ,000 for an very possible that innocent people have accepted a plea deal because they simply had no other option. It has to do with what is legal and what they can or cannot do legally.I am not saying it has happened- but that it is possible. Entrapment is about the only escape but given the situation, entrapment is very unlikely to be a valid argument.We have a 24/7modearting system, so some admin or moderator will be around the room every time.

I see this as a great opportunity for a District Atty to develop a solid conviction record. and what they can type or not has nothing to do with any rules.

This reminds me of the old wife's tale about prostitution stings.

If you're trying to solicit a prostitute and ask, "are you a cop?

basically, to avoid being arrested for any illegal interaction with a minor one simply refrains from engaging in any conversations with what they know or believe to be a minor that involve anything sexual. There are suggested ones, but every case, every context, is different.

Every jurisdiction has their laws written in particular ways.

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