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If convicted of their crimes, Robicheaux can receive up to 40 years in prison and Riley could face up to 30 years and eight months, according to the press release. According to a statement obtained by the , the attorneys for Robicheaux and Riley said that their clients vehemently deny the charges against them, saying: “They have been aware of these accusations for a number of months and each of them will formally deny the truth of these allegations at their first opportunity in court. Next, discover the horrifying story of William Bonin, who prowled over California’s freeway and left a wake of dead hitchhikers.

After that, take a look inside California’s Children of God cult, which encouraged the sexual abuse of children.

Well, a wolf can wear scrubs or doctor’s clothing, or a wolf can be a beautiful woman.” Both women alerted the Newport Beach Police Department after their alleged assaults in 2016, but it took law enforcement officials time to gather enough evidence to obtain a search warrant for Robicheaux’s apartment.The woman became unconscious and Robicheaux and Riley again took the victim back to his apartment where they sexually assaulted her with intent to commit rape.The woman woke up screaming and was helped by a neighbor who contacted police. Whether you're Katy Perry, Too Short, or the Beach Boys, you've probably got a boner for a girl from California. We're an entire state of Kimmy Schmidts in a world filled with sadsack frowny faces. I own 12 pairs of flip-flips and each pair is essential to my life. Because we drive pretty much every freaking where, you can count on us to man the wheel in a high-speed car chase and get us (and the millions of dollars you just stole) home safely. What do you call cold dark magic falling on my head? This is one of those stereotypes that's almost unfailingly true. We're obsessed with them because ours are delicious — rich and smooth and with the consistency of a good cream — and we will put them on (and in! Did you know that you can make chocolate pudding with avocados? I do not say this lightly; avocados are complain when it rains. " and Northern California is like, "Don't call it Frisco, you idiot with a boob job." It just is what it is. Which is awesome because it means our unique brand of kickass comes in every gorgeous shade.

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(Our company's dress code is "so freaking casual you have no idea") 14. Don't judge until you feel the magic of green juice coursing through your veins! Here's how it is: Southern California is like, "OMG, I LOVE Frisco! California is actually pretty diverse when it comes to the ladies and it's getting more diverse by the day.

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