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Shaligram Shrivastv claimed in Prayag Pradip that the name was deliberately given by Akbar to be construed as both Hindu ("ilaha") and Muslim ("Allah").

Over the years, a number of attempts were made by the BJP-led governments of Uttar Pradesh to rename Allahabad to Prayagraj.

In contrast to the account of Xuanzang, the Muslim historians place the tree at the confluence of the rivers. Cunningham's conclusion in his reports on the Archaeological Survey also supports the assumption, "I infer that during the long period that intervened between the time of Hiuen Tsang and that of Akbar, the two rivers gradually carried away the whole of the sandy plain.

Long before this time, the old city had, no doubt, been deserted, for we know that the fort of Allahabad was founded on its site." Henry Miers Elliot believed that a town existed before Allahabad was founded.

He adds that there was a large Deva temple and before its hall was a great tree, near which lay human bones of people who used to commit suicide by jumping from it in the belief of going to heaven.

It is believed that Lord Brahma performed the very first yajna in this land.

Rig Veda and some Puranas mention this place as Prayag giving it a high religious value in India.

On 13th November 1583 (1st Azar 991 H.) he (Akbar) reached the wished spot and laid the foundations of the city and planned four forts." `Abd al-Qadir Bada'uni states that while encamped at Piyag which was commonly called Illahabas, the emperor laid the foundation of a great building called Ilahabad.

Nizamuddin Ahmad gives two different dates for its foundation.

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After Mughal invasion, it is said that the Mughal emperor Akbar when visited the region in 1575, was so impressed by the strategic location of the site that he ordered a fort be constructed and renamed it Ilahabas or "Abode of God" by 1584, later changed to Allahabad under Shah Jahan. Because of the surrounding people calling it Alhabas, has led to some people holding the view that it was named after Alha from Alha's story.

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