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The claimant says she initially sent him two photos, something she describes as regrettable but consensual.

She also told police he took pictures of her against her will.

According to Statistics Canada, 28 people across the country were charged during the first year of the new voyeurism law that came into force in 2015.

In an emailed statement, Tinder said it has a zero-tolerance policy for harassment and inappropriate conduct of any kind.

This conversation has not been authenticated in court.

In the meantime, let these guys keep the #firstdateselfie humming along...pretty cutely, we must admit.The goodnight kiss just became the least of your dating worries.Point your anxieties instead to the #firstdateselfie, because yes, that's a thing now."We encourage users to report any instances of misconduct via the self-reporting tool featured on all Tinder profiles.In the event that we receive such a report, our dedicated community team takes appropriate measures, which may include removing the profile or banning the user," wrote a Tinder spokesperson.

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