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All I simply had to do for all the other content was: Luckily there weren’t that many so we manually re-created them.This is considerably simpler for Bob or Sally to do than the previous scenarios as everything is new and clean, so you don’t have to worry about duplicating existing content. It‘s the chat-based, fast-paced alternative to Exchange emails.When Microsoft released Teams, they pushed it as a fundamental shift from how organisations and groups (err… It’s highly likely that those who simply want a Team and only a team are the type of users that don’t care for emails.Not knowing that the Group exists, Sally goes out and creates a “Sales” Team.But just like an Office 365 Group is made any time a user creates a Yammer group, each new Team also gets an Office 365 Group.

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This leads me to confess that I’ve created yet another misleading title. I’m trying to get away from group email, that’s why we’re using Teams in the first place!

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