Speed dating chichester

If the ticking is mutual, as it were, then you get given each other's contact details.

So basically she was interested in me and she knew that I was interested in her.

I chose the 4 I found most attractive/enjoyed talking to most and added them on facebook. 1 of them accepted (she happens to be my favourite). It's easier for them to pretend to be interested and ignore you once you're gone.

Our singles community is massive, and you're only a couple of clicks away from finding a date.

I don't understand why she would just ignore me afterwards when I try and follow it up. She thought you were cute at the time then changed her mind once she saw your Facebook pictures? Now that you've made that amazing step in speaking to more girls, you can probably look for more in several other places - there's bound to be a girl who would love to get to know you better?

She's decided to get more serious with a guy she was only 'seeing' at the time? There could literally be a thousand reasons why she didn't!

It's easier for them to pretend to be interested and ignore you once you're gone.

Also, don't think you're the only guy they agreed to stay in contact with.

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