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Every stop gave us an opportunity to slip into a brand-new identity.

What sold us on the other five was how much the locals embrace winter: snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, fat biking, snowmobiling, ice fishing, building bonfires, and turning out in force to see wacky art installations pitched in the middle of a frozen lake. Compared with other metropolises, the cost of living here is affordable enough that you can actually risk being an entrepreneur.The only thing any of our friends back East brought up when we mentioned Minnesota was subzero temperatures and mountains of snow.(Mind you, it’s not like New York is a picnic in winter. It’s a Delta hub, and the convenient location — smack in the middle of America — means it’s as easy to get to Asia as Europe.HE SKEPTIC IN ME kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. Sure, the mercury can hover around 6 degrees in winter, with the occasional dip below −30.The molten center of the city’s Jucy Lucy hamburger can give you second-degree cheese burns. Still, as we drove past prim little cottages and stylish bungalows in handsome residential neighborhoods, we could so easily picture ourselves living here, planting flowers in the front yard, taking pottery classes at a local studio, and spending summer weekends on pontoon boats with our Minnesota Nice friends. magazine to spend a year hopping around Asia and Australia with my partner, Andrew.

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