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The collaboration retreat is designed to be a “bottom-up” approach to fostering interdisciplinary research, Goodman said.Oftentimes, cross-discipline research is more or less mandated by administrators, as opposed to being born organically among faculty, he says.“But we also hope that we will bring two people together and it will be magic, because it never would have happened any other way.” The “Research Collaboration Retreat,” as it has been billed, will focus on the subject of health care.Faculty from various disciplines across the university have indicated plans to attend, and there’s a financial as well as an intellectual incentive to do so.You might worry that you will have nothing to say or that he will notice your nervousness.

The money will go to one or more of the proposals based on the review of a faculty panel.

First dates can stir up feelings of excitement and curiosity.

If you are shy, there is probably an added element of anxiety.

Try to monitor your body language and keep it open and friendly, as suggested in the Social Issues Research Centre's "Guide to Flirting." Relax your arms, sit facing your date and maintain good eye contact.

Shyness on a first date can sometimes be misinterpreted as a lack of attraction or interest, warns behavioral scientist Christie Hartman on her website, in an article entitled, "Online Dating: Can Shyness on a First Date Scare Men Away?

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The university will provide seed money to the groups that are thought to have emerged from the retreat with the best ideas.

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