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He is also credited with inventing the first non-toxic mascara.I thoroughly enjoyed spending quality time with this book, and presenting it as part of our Library Treasure events, along with a small selection of scents mentioned in the book for people to identify.The manuscripts can be made from various materials, usually palm leaf but also stiffened cloth, or ivory sheets in the shape of palm leaf.The leaves and the boards are painted with a thick layer of lacquer, and gilded gold leaf and red lacquer are used for decoration.The poster details the crimes of each men and goes on to report on the ‘condemned sermon’ held by the Rev.

The Kammavaca held in Leeds Central Library is said to be made from the putsoes (like sarongs) of the kings of Burma, and was donated to the library in 1887 by George H Colbeck; a missionary to Upper Burma.

By 9.05am it was all over and the crowds dispersed.

Armley Jail never saw another public execution although more than 90 executions took place in private within the jail walls.

The description on the inside of the cover of a “vivid and bloodthirsty account of a dozen English and Welsh pirates who had recently been in the news” would be enough to pique anyone’s interest.

Captain Charles Johnson is generally accepted to be a pseudonym for another author, with some claiming that the book was actually written by Daniel Defoe.

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