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If you are working with multiple databases then start with the location zero from where you want to work with.For this purpose, you can use the “Show Databases” command.A depth understanding of the Update Query helps you in improving the performance of a database application instead of performing all changes one by one manually in the code.Also, the maintenance of changes is much easier than you ever think of.This will give the information about the column that you want to update.After the keyword and column name, add “=” to assign the value.Without a WHERE clause, almost every row will be updated, you don’t want this probably.To modify only a selected number of records, you should use where clause smartly.

Add the possible number of columns here and their respective values too that you wanted to modify.

This is an action query that can be applied to a set of records based on conditions you specify.

This is taken as one of the most powerful features of RDBMS because you have the flexibility to modify multiple records together.

If you wanted to pull specific details related to the employee in a table then it can be quickly done with the SQL.

For an e-commerce Firm, the owner wanted to keep a close eye on purchases, and profits of the Company, even then SQL works simply great.

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