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Choli evolved as a form of clothing in the 10th century AD, and the first cholis were only front covering; the back was always bare but covered with end of saris pallu.Bodices of this type are still common in the state of Rajasthan.[16] In South India and especially in Kerala, women from most communities wore only the sari and exposed the upper part of the body till the middle of the 20th century.[3][4] Poetic references from works like Silappadikaram indicate that during the Sangam period in ancient Tamil Nadu, a single piece of clothing served as both lower garment and head covering, leaving the midriff completely uncovered.[12] Similar styles of the sari are recorded paintings by Raja Ravi Varma in Kerala.The nivi is today's most popular sari style.[26][27] nivi drape starts with one end of the sari tucked into the waistband of the petticoat, usually a plain skirt.The cloth is wrapped around the lower body once, then hand-gathered into even pleats below the navel.

When worn as a sari, an extra-long cloth of nine yards is used and the ends are then passed up over the shoulders and the upper body.They are primarily worn by Brahmin women of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Goa.Dravidian – sari drapes worn in Tamil Nadu; many feature a pinkosu, or pleated rosette, at the waist.Usually made of unbleached cotton and decorated with gold or coloured stripes and/or borders. Tribal styles – often secured by tying them firmly across the chest, covering the breasts.Kunbi style or denthli: Goan Gauda and Kunbis,and those of them who have migrated to other states use this way of draping Sari or Kappad,this form of draping is created by tying a knot in the fabric below the shoulder and a strip of cloth which crossed the left shoulder was fasten on the back.

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