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” Grace 2.0 shook her head in resignation and went to make herself a drink. Most of her childhood friends had lived in enormous homes with pool houses, and most of her adult friends lived in apartments of under a thousand square feet where in-home washers and dryers were about as common as polar bear sightings. In other words, the Malone house was big, and a little messy, and wonderful. The surprised relief on his face was enough to convince her she wasn’t making a mistake for which her heart would pay an awful price. Chapter Twenty-Two The Malone house in Green Bay, Wisconsin, was charming. Grace wasn’t ashamed to admit that her exposure to residences was limited to old-money mansions and variations of Manhattan tiny. There were shutters and a handmade mailbox, and a fat cat lounged in the middle of the driveway, moving only when Jake honked rudely. The lawn was perfectly groomed, the cheeky “Beware of Tiny Dog” sign was proudly placed, and the flower beds were overgrown and gorgeous. Why not just sort of let it fade out with a ‘Hey, show’s over, who won? They want to see the final showdown.” “That sounds really lovely,” Grace said. Grace held up her hands to stop all the chatter, her head starting to spin. After all they’d been through, it would end at a baseball game? there are some balls you wouldn’t mind a closer look at. “You won’t be able to get Jake in the stadium,” she said confidently. And I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet.” “Oh? “I mean, why do we have to make a big spectacle of it? We pitched this as two love experts going toe-to-toe. “The lighting would be awful.” “Well, gosh, if the lighting’s awful, let’s call the whole thing off,” Emma said. And what better way to reward them and encourage them to stay engaged than to allow them to meet the objects of their obsession? “Wait, you mean have random weirdos meet Jake and me? My cousin Charlotte has five boys, and I always buy the best—” Jake looked both exasperated and nervous. I mean, yeah, actually, that’d be great, but that’s not what I’m asking.” She frowned. “Because I don’t think I can take another weekend of my sisters and mothers harping on me to ‘find a nice girl already.’ And … “Exactly.” He turned back to her, his expression unusually anxious. Overall, my family’s great—a little overwhelming, but great.” She smiled patiently and waited for whatever was coming next. With Riley’s, you had to eat everything on your plate or else. He claimed this was also to give them a quick-getaway option, but she knew better. “They’ll eat you alive, you know,” he said in response to her gushing as he wheeled their suitcases to the front door. Between the kids, the dog, and my sisters, the shoes will never make it out of the house.” “I thought you said your youngest sister was twenty-seven,” she said.

Even more wonderful was Jake when he saw his family home.

All Systems Red - Martha Wells - Series: Murderbot Diaries #1Challenges: ROOT, Random CAT, SFFKITRating: Imaginative and fun A different look at AI, intelligence and what makes something human. The world-building, with much of the world hidden from our view with only hints of what surrounds our current active piece of it, is first rate. A Natural History of Dragons - Marie Brennan Series: Mrs Trent's Memoirs #1Challenges: ROOT, RTTRating: Fun alt history with the usual Victorian expedition into 'primitive' parts of the world in an effort to explain the world and what it consists of. I thought Ms Brennan did a good job of sending up the Victorians' interest in the world around them as well as their disdain for other countries and peoples. Schwab Series: Shades of Magic #3Challenges: ROOT, BFBRating: satisfying conculsion to the series I really enjoyed the series.

The kind of sci fi I love, with lots of new ideas, and new worlds to explore, and intriguing ideas about how tech and humans will evolve.52. The Shadow Throne - Django Wexler Series: The Shadow Campaigns #2 Challenges: ROOT, Alpha KIT, SFFKIT, Color CATRating: Mysteries and Secrets and Magic, oh my! The magic is there, but not in your face and up front. The characters are quite varied and all of them are fully formed and intriguing.

My rules this year are simple: Any book I own is a ROOT. This is a re-read, as I want to get to the rest of the series.

Whether I finish it, or Pearl Rule it or don't even open it, if I take it out of my To Read Collection, it counts! I seldom touch dead tree books but will indicate such if I do so happen to read one! I loved it the first time, and perhaps love it even more.

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