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If your companion is using certain skills that are causing you grief, you can toggle these skills on and off to prevent their automatically being used.

It's pretty easy: Expand your companion's skill bar (the little plus sign) then right-click to turn off automatic usage. You don't have to be doing all the dirty work and tedious chores -- that's what companions are for (well, one of the reasons)!

You don't get your first companion right off the bat.

There's a lot of information to process when it comes to rolling a new character (and particularly for going into a game for the very first time), so it's understandable that Bio Ware didn't want to foist companions on you right when you're just figuring out all your skills and what's going on around you.

You're better off assigning the right companion for the job than to just use any old meatbag for the task.4. If a companion wants to talk to you, you'll see a speech bubble icon pop up over her portrait. If you decide to romance a companion, it's a good idea to pump up her affection to the highest level (see #5 on this list), know the companion's likes and dislikes intimately, and keep looking for opportunities to make googly eyes at one another.

At this point, you'll need to return to either a cantina, your ship, or another "private" area to initiate the conversation. Each class has two romanceable companions -- a female one if you're playing a male character, and a male one if you're playing a female character.

Here are a few links that can help you out with more companion specifics: is finally here, and the Force is with Massively!

We've prepared a Hutt-sized feast of class introductions, gameplay guides, lore roundups, and hands-on previews to help you navigate the launch period and beyond.

The final companion you can pick up is a droid designated HK-51 (similar to HK-47 from the games).

If you don't care about these, then you can safely ignore the affection system, otherwise you're going to want to get on your companions' good sides over the course of the game. From my long experience with Bio Ware, I suggest you keep in mind that initial impressions and assumptions about one's companions may turn out to totally not be the case, as the studio is infamous for writing dark secrets, mysterious motivations, and quirky personalities that come out over time. Your starship, when acquired, will come with a droid (either 2V-R8 for Empire players or C2-N2 for Republic players), which can be used as a companion with one large caveat: The droid cannot fight.

This is tricky because none of your companions will share the same set of likes and dislikes, which means your actions -- if consistent -- will end up ticking some of them off. It can, however, heal and assist with crafting, so there's that.

Companions are one of the long-standing features of Bio Ware RPGs; they're both useful fighters who help keep you alive and persistent beings whom you get to know, develop relationships with, and affect in significant ways.

In the past, Bio Ware companions have often been cited as the most memorable parts of the studio's games, from 1.

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