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9–11) and @amoslee (June 30) join our NSO Pops season! Watch the full performance: Ed Y_Ki Um MI #Apollo50th @NASA Zgm Wh WJ Thank you to ⁦@emildecou⁩ & ⁦@NASAGoddard⁩ for an great discussion of the science behind ET and an outstanding performance by ⁦@NSOtweets⁩ of the film score during the movie.The 4th grade girls with us last night will reach for the stars!

I've been active all of my life and I'm committed to staying active and serving in the Church.We think these are the greatest symphonies of all time - the biggest, most emotional, most impressive and plain-old flabbergasting works ever written. Does its five-movement structure actually take it a step away from the idiom? What matters is that Berlioz ingested a boatload of opium and wrote one of the most insane pieces of music to come out of the romantic period, while managing to make it a total hit and an artistically sound statement.From Mozart to Dvořák and Beethoven with some left-field stunners along the way, let the epicness commence… I have a firm testimony of the truthfulness of the restored gospel. Etiam vehicula odio est, sit amet volutpat nulla rutrum nec.

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