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The program was identified by the Oklahoma Commission on Children and Youth and the Oklahoma State Department of Health's evidence-informed curriculum appropriate for schools.For more information, please contact Oklahoma Commission on Children The office or prevention services has a resource library with about 150 items that you can check out and have mailed to you at any time!

Violence Prevention Resources Who is at risk of youth violence?Studies have shown that of the children who are in a home where there is intimate partner violence, 90% of them are exposed to this abuse.When children are exposed to any type of violence in the home, they become more likely to engage in angry and violent behavior, and may find themselves when they are adults also victims of abuse.My hope is that by woman coming together and sharing their stories on how they Re-Invented themselves, will encourage and inspire others.Sharing your vulnerability in itself gives you power.

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And because the causes are so varied, it can be difficult to determine what could trigger teen violence.

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