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Today's MTV seems to have run out of creative juice. It is brave of them to take on a project that is produced in BAMA.

(747) its about time there's another hip hop show like this its funny and got a good reason why it should keep going on in seasons because proper guest's rappers movie stars show you the funny side to rap and its just funny watching them play games and battling with comedy punchlines i would recommend this to any one with a sense of humour its a 10 from me one of my favourite shows keep me laughing each time i watch it...If you are into laughs turn to MTV and watch this show. They go into the audience and find people that look like famous people, they go into the audience and get members, to go up on stage like at a fashion show, and the teams make fun of the outfits that they are wearing.And also their version of 8 Mile freestyle is very fun to watch as they add jokes to their rhymes. Andy Milinaukus(sp), Fat Joe, Wayne Brady, Mike Jones, have all been guests on the show. They sit in a fake car seat and have to try and guess who their famous passengers are, by what they say and act like.All in all, You'll not regret watching it, but also remember that there are people who doesn't have a taste of humor and jokes at all, relax there's always a cold bottle with water in the fridge. I think it is a very hilarious and entertaining show and I am trying my hardest to find the seasons on DVD.The person who commented before me is obviously racist because all the shows he named are black shows and very entertaining to African Americans.

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when finished watching this movie your bones, ribs and stomach will be paining u.

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