The ten rules of dating

Ah, Jungkook’s lack of being able to form the ‘l’ sound always made Jin weak at the knees.

The truth was, his sister died giving birth to Jungkook.

The real father had left the moment he found out about her being pregnant and their parents disowned his sister when they found out about the pregnancy as well. But of course Jin supported her thinking that he’d be the fun uncle.

He had no idea that she’d be too weak and die and leave him alone with a child that had the roundest eyes and the softest smile.

He worked too hard and probably always missed out on the fun things his friends got to do without him. You should still be having at least some kind of fun, but all you do is work and then come back home to take care of Jungkook. I can sleep on the couch when Jungkook goes to sleep and then I have the whole weekend to myself and my friends while you have wonderful memories of Friday night.” “And if it does happen, you’re staying the night. All that was out the window almost as if he blacklisted it. That was why he put up so many rules, because he knew that if they couldn’t get past a few small rules without breaking them, it would especially never work out when they found out about Jungkook.

Jimin sighed and smiled, looking down and awkwardly edging out, “This is going to sound way out of my lane, but I think you should go out and have fun after work while I just stay here a little later than normal and watch Jungkook. And don’t get me wrong, Jungkook is amazing and if I have a kid one day, I want them to be just like him, but you need to drink with friends your age and have like… I’m not going to send you off past midnight out into the city, alright? Jimin was a literal angel sent down to him from the parenting gods, but Jimin was always trying to get him to go out and have fun when Jin very well knew that that ship had sailed for him the moment he told the doctors and then the court that he wanted custody of Jungkook. Drinking and partying were obviously a big 'no' for any kind of decent parent in his eyes, but the relationship part…. Jin slipped his shoes off by the door and trudged over to the living room where the softly playing cartoon on the tv had successfully lulled Jungkook to sleep. ” Jungkook asked in a yawn, having apparently been awake enough to hear Jin’s words.

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