The truth about lying in online dating profiles

The University of Wisconsin study isn’t the only study that’s revealed people’s tendency to lie in their profiles.

A recent study examined the online dating profiles of over 1,000 online dating profiles.

Maybe the best reason not to lie on your online dating profile is that those lies can keep you from meeting someone who is attracted to the real you.

Maybe you claim on your profile to love spending time outside, in attempts to attract someone who values athleticism and fitness.

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But if you try to hide your personality on your dating profile, you undermine any chance you have at a relationship that can last.

Ironically, lying about your physical appearance or financial situation can lead to less confidence in those areas.

But if you actually would much rather be inside reading, you’ll be disappointed when your date only wants to spend time in the mountains or on the trail.

But in addition to leaving you feeling discontent with your dates, you’ll also be disrespecting those who are pursuing you.

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