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Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses.(/ˈɡənzi/ ( listen)) is an island in the English Channel off the coast of Normandy. The second element of each word, "-ey", is the Old Norse for "island",[5] while the original root, "guern(s)", is of uncertain origin and meaning, possibly deriving from either a personal name such as Grani or Warinn, or from gron, meaning pine tree.[6] Previous names for the Channel Islands vary over history, but include the Lenur islands,[7] and Sarnia, Sarnia is the Latin name for Guernsey, or Lisia (Guernsey) and Angia (Jersey). History[edit] Main article: History of Guernsey See also: Maritime history of the Channel Islands Early history[edit] Around 6000 BC, rising seas created the English Channel farmers then settled on its coast and built the dolmens and menhirs found in the islands today, providing evidence of human presence dating back to around 5000 BC.[9] Evidence of Roman settlements on the island, and the discovery of amphorae from the Herculaneum harbor of a ship, which has been named "Asterix". Sark has its own rugby team, although it regularly has to pick up "guest" players to make up its numbers.

This intensified during the Hundred Years War, when, starting in 1339, the island was occupied by the Capetians on several occasions.[13] The Guernsey Militia was first mentioned as operational in 1331 and would help defend the island for a further 600 years.[15] In 1372, the island was invaded by Aragonese mercenaries under the command of Owain Lawgoch granting the Privilege of Neutrality, by which the Islands, their harbours and seas, as far as the eye can see, were considered neutral territory.[17] Anyone molesting Islanders would be excommunicated. Not that the French behaved, as they attempted to invade Jersey abolished the privilege due to privateering activity against Dutch ships.[18] In the mid-16th century, the island was influenced by Calvinist reformers from Normandy. British and French television can both be received in the islands, and often include extensive rugby coverage - such as the Rugby World Cup and Six Nations Championship.Index of Guernsey-related articles This page list topics related to the Bailiwick of Guernsey, including Guernsey, Alderney, Sark and smaller islands.St Jacques have a squad of around 40 players, with many being recent graduates of the Guernsey Rugby Academy.The Siam Cup is an annual Rugby Union competition held between Jersey Reds and Guernsey RFC. Development of the sport is limited due to the practicalities of small islands; Guernsey's national population is under 80,000. Guernsey has no television of its own (the ITV variant Channel Television sometimes includes rugby news) but does have its own radio stations.

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