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The baby is due in March (pictured with their baby scan, left), and the Polish dancer insist their unborn child is already following in its parents' footsteps.

Ola, 36, and husband James, 41, admitted they were yet to fully process the news after falling pregnant during the first round of IVF treatment (their announcement tweet picture centre).Gavin Williamson (right, on GMB today) insisted sacking Tory rebels who side with Jeremy Corbyn on Brexit is the 'right decision' as the Education Secretary became the second Cabinet minister - following Michael Gove (pictured left, today) - to suggest the government will ignore any anti-No Deal law passed by MPs.Boris Johnson has vowed to withdraw the whip from any Conservative MP who tries to stop the UK leaving the EU on October 31.Even by modern TMZ-style standards, the media circus around Harding in 1994 was ridiculous.(The scene in which a tabloid journalist vandalizes Harding's truck so he can get angry photos of her is 100 percent based on the truth.) Harris, who was not only a figure skater herself but a dead ringer for Harding, ended up spending much of that year working as a Harding impersonator, and actually won a celebrity impersonation contest on Geraldo Rivera's talk show.Early this morning US time, Dow futures predicted the industrial average would open approximately 220 points down.

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My first thought upon walking out of "I, Tonya," the recently released indie film starring Margot Robbie as disgraced figure skater Tonya Harding, was: Tonya was wronged.

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