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We’ll be covering all kinds of things about these sites, including but not limited to, the date they opened, the average amount of visitors, number of users, and why it’s a good replacement.In addition, we’ll discover whom each site is for, what said website does, and finally, what unique features it has.Both doctors and high-level businessmen that had trouble meeting someone publicly loved the platform.Some described the system as the only place where they can even start searching for partners.And this is quite puzzling considering that there were sections that seemed way more controversial than “casual encounters”.The reason why Craigslist Personals was so popular is that the service offered security as the system masked the identity of each person.In this post, we’ll mostly focus on the alternatives, but we’ll also touch upon why Craigslist shut down their personals section, as well as what happened to Now for those of you who don’t know, back at the day, Craigslist was a completely different website than it is today.

Also, the site was practically a paradise for married men who were looking forward to trying gay sex.

The government suspected that they were promoting prostitution and enforced pressure on banks that processed the transactions and warned the website to stop their activities.

Yet, even so, the site continued to work and started accepting Bitcoins.

There has been a time when Craigslist Personals ruled the online dating scene. But as it happens with all good things, it ended abruptly with no sign of return.

Although it ended with a sad outcome, the platform spawned quite a few alternatives that, in our opinion, came pretty close to the source material.

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