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I’m not a big believer in signs, but there’s this Gemini dichotomy: Although I’m a shy person, I think I’ve always been attracted to risk.

If I’m not taking chances, if I’m not a little bit out of my comfort zone, I get bored.”Next month, testifying to that restless imagination, she launches a new brand called Tory Sport, a collection of stylish tennis ensembles, sleek tracksuits, surfwear, golfwear, and all manner of avant- and après-sport clothes.

Tory waxes lyrical about bonding and seam-sealing, windproofing and waterproofing, and indeed stealth functionality is everywhere—interior zip pockets, reflective piping, UPF fabrics.

The styles skew old-school, but the technology is state-of-the-art.

“That image of her next to a vase of hydrangeas—that’s her brand, and people are inspired by that.

“I started to think, How do we make this stuff chic again?

What a lot of sports brands miss is femininity, unless it’s a garish femininity in the form of exposed body parts and neon colors.

During New York Fashion Week, her original store on Elizabeth Street in downtown Manhattan will become a Tory Sport pop-up shop; the first stand-alone store, on Fifth Avenue, will open a few months later.

Two years in the making, the line is perhaps an inevitable expression of its designer’s lifelong passion for the sporting life.

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“To go running, I was still wearing the same shorts I have from college.”A European fashion executive recently told me that when it’s time to staff a major label, he aims to create an artificial Tory Burch, to find a dozen people to fill the diverse roles that she manages on her own.

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