Totally free adult pic swap

Clear off a place for people to pile the books they bring.

A box or two of wine and a bowl of pretzels is totally fair game in my book, but feel free to provide more munchies if you like.

When you get your book token, all you need to do is to take it to your local bookseller (there are lots of them out there – find your local participating bookshop here – and swap it for one of the TWELVE (exclusive, new and completely FREE) World Book Day books.

For more details about the £1 book for Ireland click here.

Count the number of people and write down numbers on slips of paper.

Everyone draws a number to determine what order they take their turn. Person #2 can steal a book that has already been chosen, or pick a new one from the pile, and so on.

My 1,500 square foot home was built in 1962 and still sports the original wood-paneled walls and cramped bathrooms.

It’s your choice, just as long as the book or audiobook costs at least £2.99 (or €3.99 in Ireland).We will talk incessantly about how much we love reading, and then do a fun, possibly competitive, book swap.Feel free to bring a friend.”I usually invite about 30-35 people and about 15-20 show up. The good news is that even if you have 5 people, it’s still a blast.I send out something like this:“I’m hosting a Book Swap on June 23 at 7pm.Simply show up with a (preferably used) book of any genre that you really love, and that you are willing to part with.

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And to my surprise, people showed up, and they LOVED it. Apparently, inviting fellow book nerds to gush about the Man Booker shortlist and swap used books is a guaranteed recipe for success. If you, like me, have abysmal decorating and cooking skills, you can still have a completely awesome Book Swap in your decidedly not-fancy house.

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