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In 20, a strange phenomenon bit American pop culture when vampires, formerly just another horror sub-genre, suddenly seemed to be everywhere.

The “Twilight” film franchise is largely credited with spearheading the craze, and HBO, always eager to stay on the cutting edge, soon followed with a racy take on vampires for an adult audience – “True Blood.”Then a funny thing happened.

The Season 1 bump can be laid in part to the release of “Twilight” two months into the show’s first season boosting the demand for vampire media.

(The books had been out and were widely popular, but the “True Blood” premiere beat the first “Twilight” film.) But this does not explain the continued popularity as the “Twilight” movies fell in popularity over the years (in terms of box office revenue).

v=xk5BXZOCJh Y&feature=related I am very excited about the première of the third season of True Blood—dashing Bill, virginal Sookie, stereotypical of black women Terra, sinisterly charming Eric, and rogue-like Jason Stackhouse.

To say the least, I am a fan, but not a cult-like fan. I’m just a black friends to her modestly small apartment to watch the third season première of True Blood. But, the response from my dear “tried and true” black friends was, “Black people don’t watch True Blood.” What?

The first season ended up averaging 6.8 million viewers per episode and, by the finale, “True Blood” had become HBO’s most popular show since “The Sopranos” and “Sex in the City.”“True Blood” never came back down the earth after its ratings surge.

It is hard to say just why “True Blood” has been such a hit. I agree that flying by the seat of your pants can be amazing when it comes to dating. Even if it's one core activity—a dinner reservation or tickets to a hockey game—and then we can play it by ear after that. How else could he charm a hottie like Kate Bosworth? (Photo by Jason La Veris/Film Magic) Hmm, very interesting!“True Detective,” which became a television sensation in 2014, pulled in only 3.5 million for its finale.“The Sopranos” peak season average was 10.9 million viewers, easily comparable to “True Blood” (though without the added bonus of multi-platform viewing).

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