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Meeting girls at bars is all about the first impressions. Maybe Ukraine is a bit more conservative than the West… Ukranian men get less and less faithful by the minute. This is why a lot of girls are now looking for their partner online. Convenience, compatibility, and opportunities to meet people that you otherwise wouldn’t, are just a few of them.No matter where you go, make it a point to look smart. But in many ways, it is following in our footsteps. They are just as true in Ukraine, as they are in the West!

The atmosphere is a bit more ‘everybody knows everyone’ but you can meet some beautiful and non-high-maintenance girls here!

Here are some common sense tips (that really shouldn’t need to be repeated):should be your first stop. There are many groups of gorgeous girls – solid 8s and above.

If you only have one night in Lviv, this is the place to go. For the most part, they just hang out at their table, sip a drink, and take selfies. Lviv women may live close to the border but they don’t meet foreigners on a regular basis. Fortunately, Lviv has many cool bars for you to explore.

But don’t despair, the city still has plenty to offer! Lviv women don’t have the means to go out every night.

Hanging out at the square with a cold beer is a much more popular pass time.

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