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Our latest, an 8-page issue for Easter 2019, is available now – order HERE from CPO.

Don’t give in to societal pressure to conform – feel free to express your individuality, tastes and embrace Goth culture in all its glorious forms with our many members.

"When we set up the site in 2000, our vision was to create something to compete with and even better the best in the industry," said Jackie.

"Our new campaign is part of that ongoing commitment." The Christian Connection Ads can be seen at We are continuing to produce seasonal 'mini magazines' and make them available for you to use offering encouraging, engaging content – still stories, still jargon-free, still designed to be given away, still free.

This online Goth dating service will gear you up in an instant and you’ll be linked up to a host of amazing individuals who know everything there is to know about the mysterious and infinitely seductive world of Goth.

Our dating arena is full of surprises and it’s increasing each day, so the more you interact with our Goth members, the greater will be the chances of finding your ideal match.

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