Understanding boys and dating

So rather than make a boy the center of your universe, keep God at the center. You don’t need a boyfriend to make your life great.Listen to His call and pursue the passions He plants in your heart. You build a great life for yourself by cultivating strong relationships with family and friends, developing your potential, and living out your God-given purpose. I want more of what she has.” A boyfriend who had to be hunted down is very unlikely to court you, plan special dates, and initiate contact.He may be a little more realistic about where he’s going in life.Or he might still have his head in the clouds about what he wants to do and be.An estimated one in four kids between ages 12 and 17 have used drugs. Nine out of 10 teenagers use the internet on a mobile device like a smartphone.Ages 16 to 18 are the peak ages for drinking and using drugs. It could lower his risk of using drugs and alcohol, but it’s also important that you walk the talk. It’s just a part of life for your son, but he needs your guidance on how to stay safe online. And for teenage girls eager to fall in love, that eagerness can get the best of them.

Here are some other things you can expect as your teen crosses the final threshold into manhood.

Am I saying it’s wrong to speak or interact with boys? I think it is fine to initiate conversation, smile, make eye contact, and express enough interest to let a boy know you’re interested once you’re of dating age. Besides hurting your relationship, it holds back from achieving your own goals and pursuing your interests. He’ll figure out quickly how to improve his chances with you and find ways to spend time together.

God created you to guard your heart, not freely give it away to every boy who comes and goes.

You can help him sort through it by talking about things like: Your son might have to make some choices about sex, but he needs information so he can decide what to do.

He’s going to learn about sex somewhere -- might as well be from you so you know he’s getting the right information.

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