Value tickets are for weekday off-season dates in early spring and early fall, Regular are for most weekdays during holidays and school breaks and Anytime tickets are for weekends in summer and, and big holiday seasons like Christmas and Thanksgiving.

You can use an Anytime ticket on any day, but you can’t get a refund of the difference in cost if you use an Anytime ticket on a Regular or Value date, or a Regular ticket on a Value date.

Undercover Tourist sells real tickets that you can take straight to the gate (not vouchers you have to trade in when you arrive) and its prices Have some time before you need your tickets?

Undercover Tourist offers its best deals on tickets exclusively for Mouse Savers Newsletter subscribers.

You can upgrade a Value or Regular ticket, if you decide to go on a higher-tier day, by paying the price difference at the gate.

Multi-day tickets (2-day tickets or longer) do not have tiers and are good any day of the year.

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If you’re looking for Universal Orlando discounts, this is the right place!

Universal Orlando includes two major theme parks: Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure, plus a beautiful water park: Volcano Bay.

When purchasing online you can print them yourself or use kiosk pickup (go to the park and get them out of a machine) or ticket booth pickup and avoid shipping charges.

Prices displayed on Universal’s site do not include 6.5% tax, which is added further along in the transaction.

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