Updating a database file via cli

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This article will show you how to export a copy of your My SQL database, and how to import an SQL database backup file to your database server.

For multi-processing mode, this is in addition to the HTTP worker processes.

The workers are threads in multi-threading mode and processes in multi-processing mode.

This can be useful, for example, if you've saved data using mysqldump and need to load it back into the database.

This is done by returning the result set using the Then type an SQL statement, end it with “;”, \g, or \G and press Enter.

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Now that your database is imported you will need to change the Word Press prefix for your tables that the Wordpress is looking for.

This is done by editing the wp-config file that exists in your site root.

You will need to look for a line that looks similar to the following and modify it.define('DB_NAME', 'd92b2696256785'); /** My SQL database username */define('DB_USER', 'd92b2696256785'); /** My SQL database password */define('DB_PASSWORD', 'V|v U2QR,'); /** My SQL hostname */define('DB_HOST', 'd92c28962435852696146.hostedresource.com:3315'); If you do not specify a directory when creating your database backup, the SQL file will be placed in the /html folder.

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This is useful for making personal backups of your site, and for importing backups from other servers. Installing, configuring, and troubleshooting third-party applications is outside the scope of support provided by (mt) Media Temple.

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